It begins, the next five week learning cycle has commenced.


It begins, the next five week learning cycle has commenced which is actually only three weeks.

The past 10 weeks have gone so fast, I need to step up a gear and really make a different with this next learning cycle. I feel this is make or break, so personally I have a lot riding on this project. As I am on an Interactive course and haven’t learned any interactive skills yet this is the time of experimenting and research. I have chosen to go with a brief with D&AD for BBC – To design a platform to display the BBC archives diversity.

My main aim is to submit a blog post to illustrate what I have done each day, this way I will gain a massive incentive to work as hard as I can to make sure I nail this unit. I did a bit of a write up to tell the story of how I got to this point. Here it goes…..

(The text below was written before I originally decided to go with the D&AD brief, so gives a view of my process to get to the point where I am now.)

What has happened so far

The past 10 weeks have been very interesting and challenging. I have done thorough research into Augmented Reality and grasped a great understanding of what it is and what it can be used for. I can see that it has a big future ahead of it, but the form in which it takes will vary due to new technological developments. It is very versatile as it can be used for desktop, mobile and web technologies. However I haven’t learnt how to actually build or programme AR. This is something I really would like to do.

I went to a workshop about AR recently that gave me more understanding to the programmes I can use to make specific AR. I really would like to design for the android operating system, as I really like android due to its open source nature.

The other project that I completed was a group project to design a memorial for the 2012 Olympic events hosted at the Royal Artillery Barracks. This was a very interesting and challenging brief. Everyone in the group was out of their comfort zone to begin with, then realisation of what kind of roles we could take formed and we each had our own roles. We really worked well as a team, keeping in contact as much as possible, and good at communicating with each other. Our end presentation was really well put together and each member excelled at the job they were doing. Even though the memorial was ‘irrelevant’ in the sense of brief that I would normally tackle, our skills ultimately were put to good use to communicate and present our work. In the end it was all about delivering the presentation, but also coming up with a quality idea was the challenge.

The next five weeks

Only five weeks, not a lot of time. This I see is a crucial project as this will carry me through to where I want to head as far as my final project is concerned. I really want to start to get a technical background from being at Ravensbourne. This is a goal that I have wanted to achieve for a while but not really had the right encouragement to do so.

The Plan

I really would like to get into some sort of coding based project as a developer and designer. I need to find something that needs creating/ goal at the end rather than just purely doing tutorials for the five weeks. I will have to find a brief rather soon, due to time pushing on. The form I’m wishing for this to take could be an app, a website, an interactive video. I really need a push in the right direction, I don’t want to just do something and realise a couple of weeks later that I’m going into a dead end. There are a few people on my course or people I know of at Ravensbourne that have coding/developer knowledge which will be useful for questions and guidance. I am trying to sort out a one day a week placement at the moment at a web and marketing company. Here I would be learning to develop as well as design for them. I feel that working in the industry is the best way of gaining experience to the pressures of deadline and the structure in which they tackle projects.

Discussing with my tutor

I approached my tutor about where I was heading and what I wanted to do for my negotiated project. I found a D&AD brief to design a platform that brings to life the cultural riches of the BBC archive for audiences to enjoy now and in the future.

I discussed the idea of doing this brief to my tutor Jared. My main concern was that this would turn into a design brief rather than a technological one. I decided that I would use the brief as a end goal and a structure for the next 5 weeks. What I would do is write the brief from a perspective of learning interactive technologies.

My first step is to understand what I need to get done over the next 5 weeks. Starting at the platform e.g will it be web or an app? This will be a realisation of what kind of technologies I will need to use to develop this product.

The most important part is not to get too carried away with the brief, I need to focus on using this form my course and keeping in line with the assessment criteria.

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