A day of planning.

Heres a PDF of the brief – this is what I will be doing for the next 5 weeks. BBC Live

My aims today:

  • Re write the brief for the course – look into more technological specifics
  • Main aim of the day – plan the 5 weeks of the learning cycle
  • Categorise research – create a bookmark folder for browser, collect data
  • Pick a platform – website app etc
  • Break down the criteria for the brief
  • Realistically there is 3 weeks for this brief – 1=Planning and research, 2=technology and prototyping, 3= build and completion.
  • Create questions for PG02 meet up on Thursday

Last night I created an A3 print out of a timetable for the next 5 weeks to make sure I keep on track. I need to also buy a diary as I have felt rather lost without one so far this year. I plan on buying one later today.

I thought a good start would be to print out a physical copy of the brief to allow myself to highlight certain areas and write comments and annotations. I really need to get a good understanding of what I am being asked to do but make sure I treat this brief as a technological one.

I decided then to look at the BBC Archive website to get a real feel for what they want to show case, and in a more interesting way.

The BBC Archive

The site follows the same design as the BBC website, the tabs at the top are rather large and break down the site into the following categories:

Home, collections, Subjects, Programmes, People, Meet the Experts, Help.

From here I came up with the idea of why not create a map of the site, then I can visually see how all the sections connect together, and also this is a massive start and help towards when I get into the wire framing stages of the project. As you can see from the pdf, this shows the structure as far as how the data is organised. Relatively straightforward yet some of the titles are a little misleading. The Meet our Experts part is true, you see videos of the experts explaining the different sections in video form, but this should be more of an “explanation” section, just to get that across instantly.


The BBC archive is a place where the behind the scenes data from all kinds of different BBC sources such as TV, locations, heritage and a lot more can be stored in one area. The BBC archive explains what’s in the archive:

We’ve got about 4 million physical items for TV and radio. That’s equivalent to 600,000 hours of TV content and about 350,000 hours of radio. So we’re getting very close now to a million hours of material. We also now have a New Media archive, which is keeping a record of the content that goes out on the BBC’s websites. We also have large sheet-music collections, we have commercial music collections. We have press cuttings going back 40 years as well. So it’s a very large-scale operation.

Pick a platform

Thinking about the technological level as to how people would see the information, I have to make a quick decision to get on with the project but I am thinking a free app and a website of some kind. These could hopefully go hand in hand. I just don’t want to take too much on. I think a website would be easier to build than a working app. If I were to do the App I would have to do an interactive demo rather than one that can be used.

The next few weeks

I think I’ve broken the brief down as far as the process is concerned into the following.

This week (week 1) PLANNING + RESEARCH

This week is the start of the five weeks. However I have barely started the brief so need to get the most of the rest of it. This is all about the planning and research. Getting the information as soon as possible and understanding what needs to be done. I really need to make some big decisions as quickly as possible throughout this brief. I find it really motivating having to think ahead and quickly make decisions. This in a sense, will be the most like a professional project due to a very specific time scale.

Crucial to get the planning sorted as soon as possible, most of the time of the 4 weeks needs be to learning about building the archive and building the final product.


Obviously research can run throughout a project but I need to get the most important research done as soon as possible to be able to have a good a understanding as possible in order for me to get to the designing stages. I can say now that my confidence in design has grown a lot the past 10 weeks, as it is not the main focus of my work I feel free and not a great deal of pressure. Designing will take place once all components of the project are identified. As far as design is concerned, I will start with designing what the interactions are going to be and focus on navigation before the aesthetical stages. I am strong at creating aesthetically pleasing work rather rapidly so I need not spend too much time here.

By the end of the week, I want to get to the stage of a final wireframe which is ready to build the following week.


With hopefully the wireframes done I will be ready to start to build an early version that may (hopefully) manifest into the final product. This will be more than likely be the trickiest week due to my lack of experience to code things together. However I need to compile questions together to the web workshops with Martin Schmitz on Tuesday nights. I will be able to use the workshops as directly to my brief as possible which will give me motivation and direction in my learning.

Outcome of this week will be, to have a really strong concept that is in its early stages of build.

The Final Week (week 4) FINAL BUILD

If all goes to plan I will be at a point when I can purely build the platform. I should have a good understanding of which technologies I will need in order to build the platform and confidence to get on with it. This will also be as difficult as the previous week as I will need to display my professionalism over my project. As far as I am concerned its all about what I have learnt for the 5 weeks that I need to convey and match the assessment criteria. I will have time to polish it up for D&AD and to create information to go alongside it at a later date as the D&AD hand in is not until March 11th.

The outcome, either a working site that can display how navigation can take place or an interactive demo. Either way I really need to have fun and enjoy the learning process, as this is the best way to get into the coding and language of the computer world.

Assessment (week 5) DEADLINE

End of the line, this week is purely to get marked, no time to finish from this point. I feel the week before hand in to get a presentation together with all 3 projects put together for the digital presentation. There is also 1500 words to do as a write up for the 15 week semester also. These do not pose that big of a problem to me.


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