Resources that I intend on using throughout the year:


Albert, B and Tullis, T (2008) Measuring the user Experience UK: Morgan Kaufmann

Negroponte, N (1996) Being Digital Great Britain: Cox and Wyman Ltd

Koster, R (2005) A Theory of fun for Game Design Great Britain: Paraglypth Press

Journals The Oberserver (2008) The Observer Book of Everything UK: Cox and Wyman

Preece, J (1994) Human-Computer Interaction Great Britain: Pearson

Krug, Steve (2006) Don’t make me think USA: New Riders

Gordon, W (2008) Mult-I-tasking Uknown: Unknown

Briggs, A and Burke,p (2009) A Social History of the Media UK: Polity

Hackos, J (1998) User and Task Analysis for interface design UK: John Wiley and Sons

Steinfield, C (1996) Convergence Integrating, Media, Information and Communication: USA: Sage Publications Inc

Salvucci, D(2010) The Multitasking Mind USA: OUP

Hughes, R(2010) Cult-ure :Fiell Publishing

Behringer, R(1999) Augmented Reality Placing artificial objects in real scenes Canada: A K Peters Ltd

Vise,D(2005) The Google Story Great Britain: Macmillan

Barfield, W & Caudell, T(2001) Fundamentals of Wearable Computers and Augmented Reality USA: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc


Levy, S Wired (April 2010) Tabula Rasa



Technological Convergence

[Accessed 01/02/2011]

Gordon, N(2011)

Google: Open Source browsers are faster

[Accessed  04/02/11]


Augmented Reality Goes Mobile

[Accessed 06/02/11]


Inventor in the field of Virtual Reality

[Accessed 06/02/11]


The Rise of Digital Multitasking (STATS)

[Accessed 08/02/11]

Subramanian, K(2011)

Honeycomb promises to hot up tablet PC race

[Accessed 06.02.2011]


Kelly, K (2006) How technology Evolves [video:internet]


Short, M (2011) 3D Story Telling conference

Unuseful book

Crumlish, C(2009) Designing Social Interfaces Canada:O’REILLY


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