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Sampling the delights of virtual experiences

Lockdown feels like normal, you’re stuck indoors, and theres a limit of what to do. Things are very different currently. We are all going through huge life style changes and unclear to when life will return to ‘normal’. I’m generally … Continue reading

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The Reservoir of Goodwill – Steve Krug

Users go through a site or journey and encounter problems, their tolerance will go down. This isn’t a ‘one strike and you’re out’ kind of ordeal, but something that accumulates can ultimately cause users to go else where. Additionally, the … Continue reading

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UX Book club (London) – The best interface is no interface by Golden Krishna

  I found out about UX book club about 5 years ago but never got round to going. I got an invite to UX book club and said it would talk about ‘The best interface is no interface’. The book … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Testing – top tips

In my current position we have run multiple guerrilla testing sessions within the work place. Guerrilla testing is a quick way of getting your designs in front of people. It isn’t always the best testing method but to be able … Continue reading

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Tech Insight – 30/03/2017 (takeaways)

User Interaction 2.0 – Kathryn Webb   Resources: Honda Emotion car Ava Sessions – Ex Machima promotional site Mivor – Mood interpreting voice orientated robot   Progressive web apps – Rowan Merewood Resources: Lighthouse – Automate checks

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Parti and the Design Sandwich (summary) – Luke Wroblewski

I recently watched the talk ‘Parti and the Design sandwich by Luke Wroblewski. It was fantastic talk looking at a ‘structure for better design decision making’. So what is a parti and a design sandwich? Parti A parti is the … Continue reading

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Creating design principles

Working as a UX architect / designer for the past five years has given me a good view of a variety of different processes. Some of those being great and others being ways that I do not want to ever … Continue reading

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Retro tea time – UX Dev retrospective

I was given the task this week with my development team I work with to run the sprint retrospective. A retro is something that is done at the end of a sprint (agile two weeks of work) where everyone reflects on … Continue reading

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Branded Movie Trailer: Crazy QR codes

I recently saw the trailer for Branded. A film that seems to be a conspiracy theory on acid. The premise of the film is simple, the human race have a code in their minds that makes them susceptible to advertising. Oh yeah, … Continue reading

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The Cookie Law – What’s it all about?

What are cookies? Cookies are small files that are left on a users computer. Cookies are used to save data in order to track what the user is doing in order for a users experience to be tailor made. The … Continue reading

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