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PG04/3 Update – Interactive Android App

This is a vlog breaking down my project development of looking at interactive film with mobile phones.

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Interactive Video

by Jean-Louis Boissier and Dominique Cunin I came across this video the other week, its something that has inspired me to take a mobile route with interactive video. I have recently created a prototype that follows something similar to this, hopefully … Continue reading

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Star Wars AT AT Viral – The Power of Social Media I recently came across this article about a community project to build a science fiction vehicle from the Star Wars film series. The man responsible for this idea is Michael Koehler, a 38 year old social media consultant from Oklahoma City, … Continue reading

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Horror Spoof Ads

Simple, yet effective advertising campaign. B&Q uses the horror genre and splices this with their solutions to making DIY easy. source:

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Now that time is moving on rapidly, I have now come to the conclusion that using Action Script 3 would be the best idea at getting my ideas across. Flash is something that I have had a battle with for … Continue reading

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Amazing use of robotics and interactive technology

Just saw this on the BBC site. A fully functional robotic arm, resulting in a better quality of life for an individual, what an achievement.

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A bit of light reading…

As PG05 is upon me its time to get serious about the dissertation. I have now gone back to my literary review and found some of the resources that I had identified earlier. So here’s some new books: Gordon, … Continue reading

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The Internet and Television

The Future of Television – Is the internet really going to kill television? (potential dissertation theme. Need to link more about the advantages of being interactive and how that is a key to the internets success.) How to make TV … Continue reading

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Interactive Viewing Experience – Game of Thrones

I have just come across the ‘interactive viewing experience’ (a phrase that I thought I had pretty much coined) for The Game of Thrones series on HBO in America. I am happy and sad to see this video. This however … Continue reading

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Prototyping Interaction – The First Build & Changes

The idea has developed from an interactive archive to more of in depth viewing experience. The user can watch their desired media on a new ‘platform’ in which the screen will be divided into different sections. The platform will work … Continue reading

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