Guerrilla Testing – top tips


In my current position we have run multiple guerrilla testing sessions within the work place. Guerrilla testing is a quick way of getting your designs in front of people. It isn’t always the best testing method but to be able to get real users feedback is at least better than nothing to have some form of guidance and validation with your design decisions.

Here’s what I have learnt from guerrilla testing:

On boarding – Let the user know its going to be quick, they will be more likely to help i.e. Have you got 30 seconds to test our app?

Let the user do the work – Don’t be too guiding, get a user to interact as raw as possible

Be approachable – Introduce yourself properly with a hand shake. Make it clear what you are there for

Get the user to speak aloud – getting the user from the start to speak aloud while going through a design is just a great way to get them to really communicate whats going through their head

The user is testing us, not us testing them – make it clear that they cannot fail the test. They are testing our designs, and we need them to pick holes in it

Test with other industry professionals – if working in-house try and get people who are more likely your users. We tested with cafeteria staff, people who work in the post room and security guards. These people won’t be as biased as those who work in a similar industry.

Bribe – Bribery is good. Give the user something for their time i.e. biscuits, coffee etc

Do not test with devs/QAs – A biased is set from the start and you will soon realise they will repeat saying ‘users generally would…’ rather than ‘I would generally…’.

Short and sweet – make sure you know exactly what you want to get out of the testing. Keep it small so you can focus on more incremental changes. On the flip side if you’re testing something BIG, look for more flavours and themes rather than the details.

Have you done much guerrilla testing? Do you agree or disagree with my points? Would be great to hear your experiences.

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