First day back after Christmas and its been a busy one!

I came back to Uni early due to preparation for the 3D story telling conference at Ravensbourne Institution at the end of the first week of January. I didn’t really know what I’d be up to as I haven’t been involved with anything like this before.

I worked alongside some of my MA peers mostly with Stefan Christou, helping with the set up of the 3D gaming experience. This is something that sounded really interesting and also relevant due to myself participating on an Interactive Digital Media course.

The main job of the day was to create some filter holders (that Stefan had designed) to be overlaid over the projectors, the filters used are polarised, and this is how the 3D effect works with the 3D glasses. The process we used to create the filter holders was by using the laser cutter, a piece of machinery that I had been wanting to use for a while.

The Laser Cutter

The laser cutter is a really useful piece of machinery and really straight forward to use. The files used with the cutter are just Adobe Illustrator files. Basically you used two colours, red for cutting out and black for etching. For cutting out the lines have to have a stroke of 0.01. We simply plugged a usb into a computer and accessed the Illustrator file and sent to print just like a normal printer. Its the next stage which is the most important which is using a programme called UCP, this enables the user to adjust the positioning of where the image will be cut our or etched. Simple lining up means that you know exactly where the image will be cut through your material. Other settings you need to make sure you do is state what material it is for example Plastic > Acrylic. Then state what the thickness of the material is, we did this by measuring using callipers. From this point the lid of the laser cutter is pulled down and the laser can begin! It was amazing to see how accurate the machine is, doing this by hand would have taken hours and hours and it would have been inperfect.

After getting all the pieces laser cutted it was time to start to assemble the filters, which meant mostly gluing a few pieces together and the rest being screwed together. As you can see below.

Once those were done I helped with the LAN connection for the 3D gaming experience. Basically there were two huge screens (as you can see below) setup on different ends of the room, each accompanied by 2 projectors (to create the 3D part.) The LAN is used to connect two computers together so that people will be able to multiplay 3D games. We eventually got it to work! The work that is going into the events is astounding, the event will be truly spectacular and open up a lot more new opportunities for Ravensbourne.

The Olympic Brief

I don’t normally post for the Olympic Brief on here due to the content but I thought I’d update on here about what I am doing. We had a meeting with our group of 4 via skype to finalise certain aspects and make big decisions due to time pushing on. I am feeling very happy with the way we have worked together and the end is in sight! There is just a lot of work to get through still, but there is a plan. I need to get the information together to be able to pitch the idea well enough. I am constructing a handout and presentation to underline all of the criteria what they are looking for and also what we think will impress them. Onward and upward!

All in all its been a very productive start to the year compared to an unproductive Christmas!

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