So, why am I at Ravensbourne?

Ravensbourne is a university that has taken the next step in higher education, creating a revolutionary way of working. The new open planned campus allows students of all disciplines and years to work alongside each other, sharing ideas and working together, which mirrors teamwork in industry.

The facilities and the attitude towards experimenting with media is something I find exciting about doing a degree at Ravensbourne. I want to look at the more practical issues for interactive media, to have purpose with what ever I create. I feel that substance over style is most important, it is all very well looking good, but if the product does not deliver then what’s the point?

I believe interactive experiences are the future of media, giving choice to the user is very important and a fantastic way for them to enjoy using the particular medium, bringing a unique experience to individuals.

At present I am unsure what I want to create for my major project. I am really interested in interactive film and I feel is relevant as more interactive film pieces are being released at present.

I feel Ravensbourne is a place in which I can further my research into the study of technology from the past present and even future. I have always been interested with experimenting with technology. Ravensbourne offers the opportunity to experiment with media in order to create original and potentially innovative products.

My main aim is to try as many different disciplines as possible relating to my subject. Also by working with others it will serve as great knowledge that will help my employability in the future.

I am hoping to use Ravensbournes reputation to gain contacts while networking. Being in London makes it easier to communicate with companies based in the London area, as I will be physically more able to go and visit places for discussions and insight.

Heres to a productive year!

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