QR Code Tour

An idea that I have had for a while was to create a virtual tour of somewhere using QR codes.
The idea would be to connect QR codes to different videos hosted on youtube for example. Each video would represent a floor of a building.
I should have worked on this sooner as a large map of the interior of Ravensbourne is displayed on the ground floor of the University. For our postgraduate degree show we will be doing tours around the building every hour. If people did not have time to go on the tour they could then use the QR codes to see the building in video form.
The benefits of having a QR code designated for a floor is that the individual can just view the videos that they want to and get exactly what content they want.
The idea is to keep each video short to save time and also to make each tour engaging.

Map QR Tour

Ravensbourne Map - Hypothetical QR Implementation

I filmed each of the floors on my camera phone as that was the only device I had at the time to do so. Annoyingly the videos were out of synch with the audio. I didn’t have much time so did not continue due to lack of time. I may attempt to make one without audio which would give a user an idea of the kind of facilities on each floor.

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