A New Beginning

It’s not often that I blog about more personal matters, but I have now completed my masters which was the purpose for creating this blog. It comes to my attention that I have not posted much consistently for a while now, mostly due to finishing my masters and being in the process of beginning my career.

The 20th September marked the end of my post graduate studies at Ravensbourne. The deadline on the day was for our dissertations. The relief of having submitted the dissertation and practical major project over the space of just over a week was truly extraordinary. I was now in unknown land, as up until this point my education had a fairly linear pathway.

The plan originally was going to be something on the lines of moving back to my home town as I didn’t have a job at the time and also have a little bit of time out to get my things together while applying for jobs. However, nothing ever works out the way in which we plan things, but this was a very good thing. Amazingly enough opportunity found me and I jumped into a month long period of networking, interviews and travelling. To cut the long story short I choice as to where I wanted to start my career.

At present I started my new job a week ago and I am loving it. So many people to meet, so much work to do and even more learning to do, its fantastic.

This brings me to the purpose of this blog posting and this to what extent and use will I be using my blog for in the future? I feel the answer is now that I have started my job and began to get into a routine I will be aiming to be doing a lot more blogging about particular technology that interests me and my field the most. I may try and use events that I go to in London as good opportunities to do mini interviews in order to see the professionals perspective on certain topics, trends and innovations in the digital world.

Either way this blog is a brilliant tool to get my head down onto digital space and communicate with other like minded people.

Watch this space.

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