QR Codes – Quick Response…..really?

So, QR codes are popping up more and more. They are designed for people to be able to obtain data quickly, but is this actually correct? Are Quick Response codes really so quick? And if not, should their name be changed?

Well changing the name would be of no use to anyone, so that would be ridiculous idea. The main problem when it comes to QR codes is the process to which a person can get information from a QR code. It isn’t as quick as the codes make out. QR codes are handy little things but they need to give someone more of a pay off than just a url.

If an advertising campaign really wants a person to invest their time in their campaign, they better have a bloody good reason to stop people in the street. If not, you are wasting peoples time and potentially you may be damaging a brands reputation (another argument in itself).

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