QR Code Posters – Disney Customised QR

A series of posters from Disney that blend together famous characters with QR codes

A nice idea that I discovered today was a set of posters for Disney that plays with the visuals of QR codes to create the faces of famous Disney characters. What’s really nice about it is the simplicity of the posters, there is no massive explanation of what to do, as these are based in Japan where QR codes are very common.

To make these QR codes would have been through a designer, not a generator. It would be nice to be able to create your own QR codes that splice together images, but it really isn’t that simple, yet!

QR codes are 30% damage proof which means a great chunck of the code can be taken away, and in this case replaced with graphics. This would be under a trial and error basis which would not make it possible for programming to manipulate the shape. The main variables are the message in the QR code and also what graphics you want to use.

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