Giant QR code Analytics

Large QR code

QR code filling a window at Ravensbourne

I recently set up a giant QR code in one of the ground floor windows at Ravensbourne (my University).
A company under the name of Glyfco kindly set up the code for me to gain analytics from. The beauty of doing it this way was the database that the QR went through, this allowed me to gain insight into when the QR was used and by what kind of devices. My results are as follows.

16/7/11 – 6 scans
17/7/11 – 4 scans
18/7/11 – 1 scans
19/7/11 – 3 scans
20/7/11 – 2 scans
21/7/11 – 0 scans
22/7/11 – 1 scans

  • Most scans took place between 1pm and 5pm.
  • Two people scanned the code twice.

Scans came from

  • 8 i phones
  • 4 android
  • 2 blackberry phones
  • 1 symbian
  • Two scans from the same device were not identified.

This piece of research will be very useful for my dissertation. Even though there were not many scans, this demonstrates the variety of different mobile devices that have scanned the QR code, proving that without being promoted these codes are starting to become known in the public sector.

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