The Good Cook (BBC1) – QR Code use

The Good Cook – BBC 1 –  8/7/2011


I have just watched The Good Cook on BBC 1. The Good Cook aka Simon Hopkins presents the cookery show.

The show itself takes inspiration from cookery shows like Jamie Olivers cookery programs etc.

I feel the show tries to hard to be as contemporary as possible. They use bullet time in a kitchen for god sake! What the hell??

Anyway that’s not the point. The purpose for me to tune in was the use of QR codes on TV. This for me was a first. I have never witnessed a QR code purposefully designed to be seen during a broadcast.

Amazingly enough, I had enough time to unlock my phone, fire up my QR scanner and scan the code. I thought there was no way there would be enough time. My phone however was right next to me so access to it was very quick. It was strange that there was no disclaimer or information stating the QR codes would be used during the show, not one word, nothing! I thought they might want to educate or inform people about the QR codes, well seeing as they are both in the BBC remit they should have!  Maybe I missed that part? Either way, this may cause some confusion to those who are unaware of QR codes, or does this prove that QR codes are a standard household item?

I feel the use of QR codes in a cookery is an ok idea. I mean, gaining the recipe for a dish in one click is a pretty nifty idea. The thing is, would you cook from a recipe from your smart phone? Yes I know that tablet devices have camera inputs, but the comparison between smart phones and tablets is a huge difference. Smart phones out weigh tablets by far due to their availability being longer.

On another note:

Media agency Kinetic surveyed 1,000 adults, including 500 in London, and found 45% claimed they already owned an iPhone or equivalent device, and 17% hoped to do so in the near future. (source:,

It seems strange that a programme would use a technological gimmick when according to this survey, under half the population doesn’t have a smartphone.

All in all, the use of QR codes like this in the mainstream backs up my research to use QR codes in everyday life. It seems that QR codes have been making a steady impact over the last couple of years, and now that the access to technology is widely available the rise in QR codes will most likely see an even bigger increase.





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