PG05 – QR Code + Greetings Card Research

I have found multiple links already that breaks down QR codes, contextualises QR use, the figures of the greetings card industry, QR codes in advertising, the makeup of a QR code, dynamic greetings cards with QR.

What are QR Codes?


QR codes or Quick Response code, are two dimentional matrix barcodes. They can be read by QR code readers and camera phones.

QR codes can contain information such as text, url’s, contacts and other data.

A QR code will gain more in size and complexity the more characters that are entered into it.

More information can be found here:

Where can they be generated?

A classic generator is:

QR codes can be generated via mobile devices to such as the QR Droid that can be used on Android phones.

A brief History

QR codes were first used in 1994 that was created by Toyota in Japan. They are one of the most popular forms of barcodes designed to be decoded at high speeds.

Structure of QR codes







The Good Cook – BBC 1


A cookery programme that starts this Friday on BBC 1 will use QR codes during the broadcast. I plan on watching to see the pros and cons of doing so. This is the first time that I have come across QR codes in broadcasting. This will prove as a nice case study when looking at this particular technology in the mainstream.

Paperspring adds QR code to greetings cards (DA 6/7/2011)


Paperlinks is the first direct competition that I can immediately see. The way in which they communicate what they do with the website isn’t as simple as what I had in mind for my own generator.

The downside to the paperlinks website is the way in which an individual seems to have to download a particular app instead of just using an old scanner.

Paperlinks uses its own interface so multiple pieces of data can be navigated around a mobile phone and also can work with a computer itself.

This has definitely made this project more of a challenge now. I feel I need to focus on the immediate aspect of using QR codes, and use one code for one job rather than triggering a website.

Hamilton Chan is Paperlinks CEO, he quotes:

“While digital replaces offline media in newspapers, magazines and even books, people continue to value the printed invitation, card or announcement as a memento of important life events,” claimed Chan.




I found a blog that features a couple of examples of QR Codes.

Such as using QR codes for entrances and front windows, business cards & receptions.

Through my research it is clear to me that QR codes are making more and more appearances in the mainstream. An educated guess would be that more and more people will be able to recognize or understand a QR code if they see one.

QR Anywhere


QR Anywhere is a blog that finds the latest updates with QR codes and there uses. This site will be useful at checking the latest updates as well as emphasize the mainstream use of the QR code.

Internet Marketing Blog – QR article


An article posted on the Internet Marketing Blog features a list where an individual has seen QR codes:

  • a rebate on oil in a car magazine
  • a business card
  • concert tickets
  • Google Favorite Places checkins
  • billboards
  • LP’s
  • Sunday circulars
  • boarding passes
  • back of waitstaff’s shirt at a restaurant

Mashable – Why QR codes are poised to hit the mainstream


The article looks into the ways in which QR codes are entering the mainstream through a variety of different apps and methods.

“Stickybits and SCVNGR are startups that integrate the barcode scan in intelligent and fun ways. They’re poised to propel the movement of the next generation QR code, and here’s why.” Jennifer Van Grove

Desktop QR Reader


I found a QR reader that can be used on windows, linux and mac devices. This demonstrates another way of using QR codes, they don’t just have to be on mobile devices. This will play an important part with the promotion of the device, and also the ways in which a user can input their QR codes.

QR code Tag Extension for Google Chrome




There is a QR code plugin for Google chrome which generates a QR code of information and images found online. This is a tool that makes the generating of QR codes a lot more simple and efficient.

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