PG05 – Update

There is not long left!

I am coming toward the end of my masters, and now I feel I really need to get a move on, fast!

The whole muti-tasking idea has not been as constructive at this point as I anticipated, so I have decided to move to a different project that I can see a more realistic timescale for.

The idea now is to more into the territory of QR codes. QR codes are something that has interested since the start of this year and also before beginning my MA. A lengthy discussion with a peer on my course came to this decision as I was getting a bit to muddled up to where I was heading.

My project now is to produce a contextualised QR code generator. I will then explore how greetings cards are still selling strong, even though many digital substitues exists. The interactions I will be researching into will be:

The QR code generator + The physical opening and experience of a greeting card.

This is just a quick update, on with the show!

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