PG05 – Defining concept more clearly

What is it that we are doing with the digital world? What do we think we are doing?

I need to move on with my research and idea quickly. It is only a month before the degree show, and I need to create some kind of application quickly in order to show off my skills, and also develop my software skills.

So what can I make?

Well what I want to include ideally would be something that includes:

  • App based (maybe web at this point if I can’t get it onto a mobile device)
  • Includes Augmented Reality
  • UX – Focusing on how a user interacts with the digital
  • Looking at a strategy of multitasking
  • Potentially using processing and arduino to creating a physical and digital experience…

As I am focusing on digital multitasking, and the way in which we interact with the digital world, I now need to piece how an augmented app really fits into this.

The idea of augmented reality is splicing together the digital and the real. This fits in nicely with digital multitasking as it can make a more human experience with the digital, i.e. projecting the digital into the real world.

What do I need the app to do:

  • Display some form of multitasking
  • Making day to day tasks more easy
  • The application on some kind of strategy
  • Experimenting with processing and xbox kinect

I found an xbox Kinect recently, which I want to use due to finding multiple tutorials and source code that will help me achieve my goal.

One of the pieces of study that I want to obtain is viewing someone in their working environment with their digital devices, using the digital for leisure and also for gaming. My house mate ticks all the boxes for this study, so I want to interviewing and film him in his digital environment, and study his behavior and changes while doing different tasks.

Getting back to the plan of creating a digital tool kit, it has become apparent that I need to see  how digital  multitasks would approach it.

The next steps are:

  • Interview/monitor peoples experiences with the digital
  • Work on coding with Processing/Arduino
  • Find tutorials and libraries for Xbox Kinect before I get the device
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