Nintendo wii new immersive controller

Nintendo’s new controller the WiiU was announced this year at E3. When I saw the promo video for it I thought “wow this is something that is pretty much like what I have been looking at developing for the past half a year.”

The new Wii console set to come out in 2012 will be fully HD and compatible with previous wii games and accessories. The idea of a screen thats also a controller is nothing new. Research that I undertook for my pg03 business project was about technology like the WiiU controller. They were remote controls that possessed screens to increase functionality.

The biggest thing that stands out for the WiiU is its seamless nature of interacting with screens. A feature that was demonstrated was playing a game on screen, then being able to play that game on the controller instantly, meaning that those who want to use the television in the house can do. This plays into the Nintendo brand of interactions with people and family.

The screen really comes to life for some shooting games and also golf. The controller becomes more than a controller but an additional angle to the game creating a more immersive gaming experience.

WiiU does play into an augmented digital experiences, digital graphics on digital graphics. A window literally into the gaming world.

Devices such as the Nintendo DS though never really utilised the dual screen enough, where as this may finally crack the parallel viewing experience. I am synical however that this may just be a cheap gimmick that may not be that useful to just the standard gaming with the classic controller.

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