Range Rover: Being Henry


Being Henry is an elaborate interactive film in which the user makes the choices for Henry so the user can see how the interactions influences the choices of what kind of Range Rover specifications they want.

The whole project is orchestrated rather well. The professional film look and production costs for a piece of promotion are at the highest class.

The interactions are very simple, in some instances the user can click and drag the character of Henry to go in one of two directions. I figured out early how they filmed this. At these particular interactions there is one shot where the actor walks forwards and backwards, with the beauty of film, this looks like two separate motions. But if you look carefully at the cars in the background, when you move the character forwards in one direction, the cars in the background move backwards.

Any whoooo….

The interactive video campaign does entertain, with rather random outcomes such as interactions with a karma sutra fanatic, a stick up in a doghnut shop and a fire extinguisher at a grandmothers birthday.

The results of the interactions in the video has a summary that links to particular specifications on the new Range Rover Evoke.

This in turn leads to a customisable section of the Range Rover site where you can customise the vehicle in front of you. This is how everything should be, build it yourself. Something that is very possible, and interactive digital media allows for this to happen.

Overall I feel that this is a very well put together project and plays on the concept of choice in order to lead  to an interactive car customisation website, giving the user exactly what they want.

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