Asus Padphone

I recently came across a video for a new tablet/phone device. The unique thing about this piece of gadgetry is there are two parts to it. A phone and tablet.

I feel this is a tag gimmicky but at the same time, maybe a good idea if you are looking for a tablet and a phone.

The demonstration  video only shows a model of the actual device, and nothing much about its functionality from there is known. The whole insertion of the phone into the tablet seems way to fiddly, and also looks like it could be very breakable. However, this is still a prototype, so they must make changes.

This is a good sign to back up my research, as now this demonstrates that there is a market for multiple screen device, thus multiple screen content is a high possibility. This does not mean it will be lasting or successful, just that there is potential.

I also came across an article about a tablet ‘docking station’ in the form of a tablet, that can be used with an android or iphone device. This is an interesting concept. I’m still not sure if both devices can be used at once or if the docking tablet can only be used by itself.

Either way this suggests people still rather use a larger screen, which is understandable.

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