Prototyping Interaction – The First Build & Changes

The idea has developed from an interactive archive to more of in depth viewing experience.

The user can watch their desired media on a new ‘platform’ in which the screen will be divided into different sections. The platform will work by having triggers or cue points in the central media that will trigger related media.

The biggest problem as far as the idea is concerned is the way in which these other mediums appear, as too many at once or all over the place will become confusing to the user. The whole process needs to flow.

The point of the project is to create a more active viewing experience, where by the user can interact with relevant information or get into more depth about the media they are watching.

I am struggling to find an ideal place where this would work properly. As piracy is high this could work as a good platform to use advertising to then make the media free to the user.

So how is advertising being utilised online?

I have multiple interactive adverts and companies that produce them. I’m trying to look for a mix between the kind that I found, which is subtle but doesn’t really add anything to the media and that of the traditional interactive adverts that are more ‘in your face’ and loud.

Further R&D

  • Advertising and Marketing Application
  • How broad or niche does it need to be
  • Developing initial interaction
  • Gather data about all the possible sections
  • Research into how people read visuals “left to right” etc
  • Video copyright, what video content can I use in a public space?

Interactive Progress – First Build

I found a tutorial online a month a go, and now finally got it to work. I have mocked up a demonstration of a webpage that has video content that triggers additional content, in this case the BBC website.

I used after effects where I could embed a cue point into the videos timeline, here I typed in what information I wanted it to trigger. I discovered here that the video content has to be in SWF format, so that will be vital when creating the interactions in this manner.

The piece of software that I created contains three text files, the index, bottom and left. The index is used as a normal index would be used, to describe to the web browser what it is, this serves as just a general description of the format of the webpage.

The left contains a space where interactions from the video can be contained – so the BBC website for example.

The bottom section is designed to contain the video itself.


It has taken me a while to get to this stage and not by myself, I am finding this side of the project the most daunting now as originally I was feeling pretty confident that I would work rapidly through this. I do need to spend more time working on my coding skills, but I believe the idea is the most important.

I now need to understand the code better and play around with how it can be used, I need to spend a few days on this, but not to much time as I cannot afford to spend to long on it. This will be a useful time to breakdown the webpage to then finalise on what different aspects will be available.

My next post will go into more detail about how this piece of software is built, as I am still new to coding this time will give me chance to understand what I am doing further.


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