PG04 – Learning Cycle 2 (5 Weeks)

I have began once again research into interactive video.

I have been thinking about my project through the Easter Break, to try and figure out which direction I want to take it. This for me has been the toughest challenge as I am starting to loose motivation as the ideas are not coming to me as quickly as I anticipated.

Advertising and Marketing

I feel I would like to use this project as a way to delving into interactive advertising and how this can be better for consumer and producer. I really want to make something that I can illustrate my skills and also my intentions with interactivity after I graduate.

I have felt a bit disheartened recently to what I have been doing. I feel the past learning cycle did not go to plan as I did not have a clear structure and was lacking guidance. I feel I am not in the best of positions as far as completion of the course is concerned at the moment. I have been worrying, but now I need to just get on with it.

What I came across

I have begun research into my interactive video project. I found a website that already doe this for marketing and advertising purposes called VideoClix. The site has created some kind of algorithm that can detect objects in video. From here they can then assign data to each of the objects where a potential consumer can engage with the content in a commercial sense.


Where I am heading

I have now thought about taking my idea in a different direction, so I need to research more into a marketing and advertising way. I have found the following resources below that I need to read through to hopefully get a more clear idea.


ADPerfect is a web advertisement agency that specialises online advertising solutions. So what are Online Advertising Solutions?

The Online Advertising Solutions (OAS) platform
leverages live database inventory to quickly
produce truly dynamic advertisements that
are relevant to the consumer and self-optimized
for peak ROI

The whole aim is to deliver relevant advertising depending on the content that the user is viewing. This happens using inventory-driven ad units. What this means is that they have relevant databases to particular themes and content online.

To me this is something that is highly relevant to the way in which people are consuming media, I need to now figure out the back end of this platform to how this is all done.


Additional Article:

Dominic Goldman at MSN Innovate in Stockholm

This is a video that demonstrates how annoying ad banners etc can become a lot more playful and engaging with a user. Here Dominic Goldman (Creative Director at BBH) shows of some of his work from 2006.

The examples demonstrated display work that is becoming increasingly relevant to the way in which people are navigating around the web, I was shocked that this has been around for over 5 years and yet the web seems to still not be taking it in its stride. This is the future.

What makes people Click -Book

I came across this book the other day and feel that this is something that will help me with my dissertation, perhaps a look at now will be in order to contextualise my project in the research and development stages.

And now for some statistics…The information above is a nice bit of research from the link below, that demonstrates the effectiveness of interactive advertising. This is the kind of information I need to back up what I am creating.


A couple of videos that demonstrate aspects of advertising

I feel that I need to research into television advertising to see the correlation and relationship between adverts and tv so that I can look into the relationship between advertising and the web.

The Advantages of Interactive Advertising 

Maybe not the most reliable of sources but I came across an article about the advantages of interactive advertising, from what I have read I can just see a very generic and obvious to me answer, however this is an aspect of my project that I will have to address to the ‘why’ part of my final project.


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