Canada: Keep Exploring campaign

It was a few months ago when I first saw a couple of promotional advertisements for Canada. I originally saw them as advertisements on youtube.

These set of adverts are such a good and current way of promotion. Canada really seems to have hit the nail on the head with promoting their country. The result:

A set of different bite sized videos of amateur looking footage of a snap shot of someones visit to Canada.

I find these adverts amazing. They are so simple yet so effective. This is the kind of intelligent advertising that can really make a difference. It also takes into account the diversity of people and that people have different tastes resulting a variety of different experiences, which are then signed off with a relevant tagline of  ‘Keep Exploring.’

I’ve seen these adverts in the cinema recently, and considering the quality is not the best, the message is clear and it brings a certain personal account and viewpoint. They give a very honest and humble view of Canada and embrace that technology that is in the hands of the public is raw compared to that of a production company.

I really love the fact that I discovered these set of videos on youtube. They fit in with this particular style of viewing. Short, low budget videos of everyday people. This makes the video content that bit more relatable, and to relate to an audience is such a good way of selling a product.

Here are a few of the ‘Canada: Keep Exploring’ videos…

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