Looking at other BBC sources that communicate data efficiently.

The BBC News page is a fantastic way to see how a person could use the archive I’m designing could work. Notice that the navigation controls are on top, this is something that I will need to tweak in order to follow BBC protocol.



E4 – Misfits converging different media

The site for the Misfits Tv series has a section that relates to the programme which is a wall that pools together different web based platforms, such as twitter accounts for each of the characters, facebook pages, behind the scenes video content and games. This brings  a more dynamic and interesting experience to the tv show as it gives a sense of exploration for the user navigate. (source


I need to look into the BBC GEL Guide in a lot more detail, but I think to save time I will do that while creating the visuals for this project.

I’ve spent most my time the past few days doing PG01 work so I must admit, I’m getting rather behind with my PG02. I think the best plan of action now is to just go for it. I have the idea it just need a few more adjustments, i really need to focus on being able to communicate it as clearly as possible. If I can make a couple of interactive examples of how the site works that would be the icing on the cake.

I feel now the actual build of this will have to wait until the next unit as this one has been about getting the idea together and realise all the considerations. When the prototyping stage comes I can develop my skills into the actual build. This will then lead to the final project where I will take my understandings and what I’ve learnt to creating a more complex and detail project.

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