Mostly a PG01 day

A PG01 day, food for thought. Everyone was asked to bring a dish from their own country at a lunch break today. It was a delightful and successful experience.

Today I was mostly focusing on how to write my literary review alongside my current project. The idea of the digital and real coexisting side by side and how the digital enhances a users experience of the real. As I am looking into digital archives it progressed at looking at museums in the real and the differences of how they can be interacted in a digital space. The most important part of the day was looking at it as ways of inhabiting spaces.

The word experience is something that I want to do when creating work. I want to create an experience, something that can be manipulated and also creates its own style and atmosphere. I just need a better way of describing this, and also how can I be more constructive now that I have realised this?

Going back to a book that I bought in December, but never got around to reading I’m ashamed to say. I have recently discovered it and need to go through it in order to understand the digital more clearly. The book is Being Digital by Nicholas Negroponte. It was written over 15 years ago, however it describes a lot of the digital world that is happening currently. It is an amazing book from what I have heard, and so far it proves this.


As time is ticking I really need to get a move on, there is under 2 weeks left. I had to get on with the wireframes to break down the sections. The project is progressing still to be a proof on concept, so I want to get the sections and designs sorted while alongside I am trying to identify which technologies will be used in order to build this. I ultimately want to create a video to demonstrates how the archive can be used. I would like to create a section of the site to demonstrate how it would be used.

Back to the brief

I feel that this a very forward looking brief. Potentially for the generations of the presents children. This reminds me of when talking to my dad, he talks about programmes from the past that are difficult to understand what they were like just by description. This archive would allow the present to be able to show that of the future what the past was like through different from the BBC.


The main focus is getting all the pieces to fit together and work seamlessly. The flow is most important.

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