Defining Idea and using Iplayer as a starting point for design

After a not to productive weekend. Today is all about making up for lost time! Even the sentence structure has jumped straight in, there is no time to waste!

Main aims of today

  • To get my ideas down on paper to describe them within as much detail as possible.
  • To write what additional research needs to be done.
  • Identify all aspects, even if a solution is unknown.
  • Begin wire framing

The screen shots above are of the BBC Iplayer where I feel is a good starting point for the design work. Here I can see what kind of options are available and how videos are displayed to the viewer. I need to break the parts down to see how they can be used for a BBC archive.

I have started to write up my idea but I need visuals to go alongside it in order to communicate my idea well. After this point when the wire framing is done I will be able to see how much I can make interact for demonstration purposes.

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