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Nico video logo ^^^^ is a website similar to youtube that hosts a whole heap of videos. This site to me is very influential into a possible way of making videos more interactive and bring a new dimension to how we consume media.

Just like youtube, nicovideo allows the user to comment. On here though the comments can be commented at a particular time of the video, the messages will then scroll from the right to left as you can see in the image below. These comments then can enhance the experience through the means of participatory culture. Things such as song names or artists can be scrolled on to answer the users questions. There are examples of how people have animated using Japanese glyphs to create things such as crabs and squids to swim across the screen. Certain words for example ‘squid’ could be typed in and a squid made of letters would be displayed. This gives an amount of play and unlocking content to influence the tone and feel of a particular video.

Above shows how text can be manipulated to create visuals that can be used to enhance viewing.

So how is this useful to me?

This is a way of interacting with video that the western world has experienced as of yet. This could be a new form of commenting system. Something on this basis could be used a long side a archive for example to add notes to whats going on while the user is watching. Having this feature will mean that the user will receive a much more in depth experience. Think of it like subtitles, but on a broadcasting level, the text may be replaced with their own rather than having users bombard it with possible obscenities.


As shown above, the interface is rather basic. It displays the video in a box with text around it much like youtube. The interface itself is not designed aesthetically but just well enough to communicate what is going on. I think certain elements such as the text interacting with the video will be useful. This is just evidence that there is a market for text that interacts with the video on some kind of level.


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