A write up of the week

I think a lot of important decision making has occurred this week. I have gone through the basics of what technologies would be needed in order to build this as a whole. But there are still a few bug bares. This is a great start to the project, and ultimately toward my major project. I am beginning my understanding for what computer language is the most appropriate for what situation.

I had a massive brainstorm at the D&AD event that I attended and really need to explain. I should probably keep it simple due to people could plagiarise me on here!

The idea I feel that works the best is to be able to multitask. Multitasking with a computer is a common thing these days. Opening multiple windows and programmes at once is a regular occurrence. The idea I was thinking of was having some form of additional information that is interactive to the side of the programme that is being watched is a realistic use of how an archive could simultaneously be used.


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