Back to work!

I set off from Grimsby back to London this morning and got here around 2pm. It was time to get back to work properly, even though I’ve come down with a stinking cold.

Iphone App Comeptition

I got an email last week about an Iphone App competition that interested me, I had a design done for an app that I entered into a brief last year but did not win. I thought I might as well enter it, as I feel the app is something that would be very useful and also a big possibility to produce, maybe even alongside a popular chain of supermarkets. The app is a nutritional scanner that can specialise in one focus, such as calories. The user can scan the items that they are going to consume and see how many calories there are in comparison to the general daily allowance. The technology exists to do this, however the apps that exist don’t put the information into useful context, instead it mirrors back what is shown on the packaging. The USP of the app, a clear visual communication between what has been scanned and the general daily allowance. Check out my video explaining the app below.

This took a lot of time in the end today, but who knows, if I win it’ll be worth it and its also nice to use some of my old work in a new way. Fingers crossed!

BBC Archive

So, the BBC Archive brief. I still need to determine which platform to go along with. I am not that knowledgable about IPTV, but I am quite interested in what it has over an app or website. I found an article that breaks down what it is The article breakdown that IPTV is not just social media related videos such as youtube and facebook videos that are internet based videos, “but more one viewed over a closed system providing a controlled user experience.”

IPTV is…

First, an IPTV system operates over “closed” networks. This means a network that is built by a service provider to deliver IP-encapsulated content.

Basically, you have to pay for the service just like ‘cable.’ As the user is paying, the quality of service needs to be retained, making all things broadcast in high quality. There can be confusing between IPTV and internet video due to the name “internet protocol, IP”

Internet Protocol is simply a common language used to send data between two or more computers. This language is ubiquitous and its meaning will be perceived the same by an Apple computer running OS X, an IBM server running Linux or a Microsoft application. Internet Protocol is a universal language that is understood by a wide variety of platforms and applications.

I then found this video about IPTV, only a few minutes long but breaks down the platform nicely. I like its seamless nature and interactivity with programmes, creating a more in depth and for-filling experience. 

Convergence is here

Convergence! This is the word I need right now. Converging technologies, starting to perform similar tasks. Making media experience more in depth by cross platforms and accessibility. Converging with synergy! Bringing together the technologies but synching together and sharing for a more efficient experience and use.

Convergence is where the internet releases its massive influence on the way in which we consume media. TV OnDemand etc, giving the user choice and freedom. But how do things like advertising get effected? If you can fast forward or completely skip the commercial break, whats the point in it? And how will commercials adapt to be worth while? Well I’m going a tad off topic, but I am starting to realise the big changes in the world of media which are happening at present but there will be some huge changes still to come.

Next step for IPTV as far as my research is concerned is to look into the technicalities of how it is set up, and what kind of software/programming language is used.

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