A lazy sunday with a nice big joint of beef.

And again, a not so productive day, I need to be honest on here, this is for my own good. I am starting to realise what I could have got done this weekend. The day in a nutshell:

Breakfast>pub>sunday roast>snooze>backgammon>pub>bed

This day was the main reason why I went back home for a long weekend anyway, as our Christmas was rather unconventional this year due to not all my family being able to make it, so this Sunday was the time to make up for it!

I realise now that I have to play catch up with work, and I should look ahead at home this may interfere with my original plan. As a said before, I am at the start of the project which means I may have to cut down a tad on research, and focus more of the building and development of this project.

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