I knew from the beginning doing a blog post everyday would be difficult, especially as I went home for the weekend. This Saturday wasn’t the most productive work wise. The day played out, walked the dog down the coast with the family, went to Burger King to meet an old friend for lunch and then go out for a meal and a night out in the evening. Oh dear….

Not all is lost, I was expecting this weekend to not be so productive and I was right. This is the research stage of my project so as long as I work hard this week, I can still catch up with collecting data.

Things I have been thinking over recently is a possibility of doing something on the lines of a website like IMDB for this archive project. IMDB  aka The Internet Movie Data Base contains information about films in many different ways. Breaking down the actors, actresses, props, quotes, goofs, production information yadda yadda yadda. Its a site that I use often. However the layout and the way in which it works isn’t incredibly exciting, it is purely the content I go for, so its not to necessary. But I’ve been thinking, this archive is a place where people may not normally go to, so it needs some kind of edge to widen its audience. Linking the past to the present, and preparing for the future. I really need to get more research done about archiving, defining and breaking down further to grow my level of understanding.

Not a very productive day, but as far as thoughts are concerned the pieces are starting to slot together….slowly. Need to pick up the pace.

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