Well I’m in a new environment, back home. A bit distracting due to family being around, but all good!

The morning I went out for coffee and did a bit of photography around the neighbouring town of Cleethorpes. It was really nice, but I at the back of my mind I knew I had to get on with work.

Yesturday I had a set of questions, or areas of research to delve into.

The Platform

I still need to nail the platform to what I am actually creating but in debate to what to do, the IPTV angle sounds good about using on demand and internet television to create a more in depth experience. But I think this may be more difficult than the others, so may not be the wisest of ideas. This could be something worth thinking about to develop this project when it comes to the final of the year.


There are a few app and business competitions going on at the moment, so I will need to take into account time wise how these will fit into the schedule.


Today wasn’t the most productive days again, but I have gathered research to get on with tomorrow. I feel that this weekend won’t be the best for work, however this week i planned for research and planning anyway so it seems to be all going well.

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