Not the most productive of days!

Spent most of the day travelling back to my home town of Grimsby! A 4 hour car journey, not bad going, I was thinking about the brief the whole way. I maybe should have brought some kind of sound recording device to come up with ideas, but I didn’t seem to be that proactive for once.

Well it wasn’t the best of days, event though the morning was fairly productive. I met up with my course to discuss what everyone was doing. I can safely say I am one of the people ahead of the game, as I have picked a project to do and made an impression. Was really useful to get other peoples viewpoints of the brief and also they tested me to see how well I knew the brief through my interpretation of it to them. Communication is highly important and it is very useful when people ask questions that I feel are obvious, this was useful to think about for the next part of the brief.

I got a few points from the meet up to research and question about my brief such as:

  • To research further into the difference between apps on tablets and smartphones
  • Look into a temporary or time related experience relating to the BBC archive
  • Need to post what I am doing on the MA IDM forum
  • Look into creating more of a virtual area to navigate around, to simulate looking around a physical archive
  • Speak to Lizi Jackson at Ravensbourne about her time at the BBC, find out about how the internal learning sites are archived
  • Look into interacting directly with a programme, possible overlays of previous broadcast and how certain aspects have changed, for example an overlay of a tennis game of 2011 with one from 1970, has the camera angles changed
  • Look at challenging user experience, creating a new platform to enhance the user experience
  • Question more about what the user wants

Even though it wasn’t the most productive of days, it has set me up with a lot of questions to ask, mostly about the content. I just need to make sure I work hard this weekend to hopefully get through all the questions.

Heres to a productive day tomorrow…..


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