Potential new Project – Interactive Light suit

The release of Tron Legacy is only a week a go and I can’t describe how excited I am about it, I am officially obsessed. One of the selling points of the film is the costumes. Since the 1980’s when the first film was released the light suit has been a truly revolutionary form of clothing (however maybe not so practical.) In the real world you would look rather odd walking down the high street in a bright illuminating costume. However I would like to explore the possibilities of using lighting in clothing. I have looked into multiple projects that are currently running that have more purpose for light up clothing.

My proposal would be to team up with one of the fashion students to go about doing this. I would like to make an ‘interactive light garment.’ My idea so far would be to use an input (such as a camera) to capture the surrounding environment. The idea would be the colours would then be displayed on the clothing to ‘blend’ in with an environment. I have seen examples online before but I need to research further to find them.

I found a link on a way of being able to try and create purely a Tron costume, this was the inspiration as the lighting material is flexible enough to be attached to clothing. Link > Tron Costume.

Here I found a video of light emitting Tshirts. Its trying to pool these technologies together in order to create something new, I am new to the hardware aspect and also the programming of it, but I really would like to figure out how to do this, even if I can just get a prototype working it would be a start >Light T-shirts

This may not be as relevant, but it is something I would love to research into and learn how this is actually properly created. I am talking about the “six sense technology.” A piece of technology that can use any surface as an interface. A form of augmented reality that enables contextual search and scanning to create a seamless experience and make us humans interact with the real world rather than getting bogged down chained to a computer. I would explain this more but I feel you’d better watch the video as I can’t describe how brilliant this technology is Six Sense Technology

I feel this would be an exciting project, even though I don’t posses the skills to create what I want to as of yet, I have the passion and inspiration to have a good go, the skills I would learn to do this would be most useful into the run up to my major project, or it may become the major.

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