My aims before the Christmas Break (and during)

I haven’t blogged as much as I hoped on this site for the past couple of weeks due to my other commitments with the second learning cycle of PG02. We have our own blog as a group and I have been posting our progression and research their. I do want to try and keep writing my progression up here for PG01 to start to form resources for my learning plan, ultimately this is a build up to the major project.

What I want to get done before Christmas…

1) PG01 – Finish the debate and win it!

Collect multiple examples of research, get a reading list together.

Brain storm manifesto, start to explore where to take it.

2)Pg02 – Have a strong final idea. To be able to start developing it further.

Start to create a layout for a handout and also breakdown the sections. To help communicate with the judges.

3) Look into Augmented Reality – Start to learn the basics and get a better understanding of how it can be used

During the Christmas Break

1)Pg01 – Complete Learning Strategy

Complete Manifesto.

Read a few books to help better understanding, pick out quotes to help argument.

2)PG02 – Olympic idea chosen, development of the final idea, keeping in contact with my group via the internet. Needs to be virtually done by the time I get back, deadline 13th January.

These are the priorities, I have other things I would like to do as well but there is just over 2 weeks of Christmas break, need to think realistically what I will get done.

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