Gerd Arntz (1900-1988) – Isotype

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A friend and I went to the Isotype exhibition at the Between Bridges gallery in the Bethnal Green area on Sunday 14th November.

So what is Isotype you may ask? Isotype is a styilsed vocabulary of symbolic forms that can be used as information graphics.

The Exhibition Space

The exhibition was rather strange, finding it to start with was a tricky one, it wasn’t advertised or anything, just blended into the surrounding environment. We had to knock on a day to get let in, which was strange for a public gallery. We finally got in, and we were the only ones there. The exhibition space was clinical white but had a very damp and used feel, felt like an old mental asylum. Anyway…

The exhibition was relatively small with the majority of the work downstairs and a few more pieces up stairs. The work was really inspiring, a style that I really admire. I love things that are just simple, bold and that communicate well, and these did that. This particular style that Arntz pioneered is inspiring and you can see resemblance in a lot of work in the present day that has easily been influenced by his work.


The works on Arntz were produced by woodcuts and linoleum cuts


Using pictograms and infographics in such a manner is highly effective. The work conveys more than just statistics but also a very political and historical voice, encapsulating the past in flat 2-D images.


During the artistic career spanning 50 yerars, he has continually criticised social inequality, exploitation and war in clear-cut prints – activism through artistic means.

-quote provided from Between Bridges pamphlet


In all a very quaint and intimate exhibition, very interesting work. See my photos above!

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1 Response to Gerd Arntz (1900-1988) – Isotype

  1. Wooow.
    I’d love to buy one of those but they’re impossible to find on the internet.
    Arntz was great.

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