An Augmented Idea

It was just over a week ago where I attended a Q and A with David Braben about the Xbox Kinect (making the user the controller).

This is a piece of technology I keep coming back to again and again through my research. It is a device I am still sceptical about to some extent, however I’m starting explore the possibilities from a gimmicky game controller to a fully fledged way of ultimate interactive control.

At the Q&A I spoke to a fellow Ravensbourne student (Fotenini Valeonti) about Augmented Reality as she has been studying the subject for a while. She had been looking into the relationship between museums and AR and how AR can improve the learning experience. This lead me to my idea.

The idea is simple, to use the Xbox Kinect (or similar hardware) as an input to create a physical search engine. This would mean people could get more hands on with searching rather than going through a digital list. Here is a hypothetical situation:

By using the Kinect’s object recognition software the object shown would be able to trigger a screen to display information about the object shown.

The benefits of this would give a sense of play to learning. It would also mean instead of figuring out what the object is called if unsure, the user could find the physical representation and display it infront of the camera and receive the information.

This is a really simple idea, but could be a really useful one, not just necessarily for Museums, I will research further and hopefully develop this idea as well.



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