Ok, I have now become dangerously obsessed with the new Tron Legacy film, released on 17th December (only 2 weeks and 4 days away.)

I have booked tickets to see it at the IMAX at 12am, it’ll be one of the first showings.

I am so excited about this film for soooo many reasons, here are just a few:

1) Its Tron, the style, the colour, the vibrance, it just looks stunning, maybe not the same style as the original, but it still seems to capture the magic and imagination of the first one

2) Daft Punk, its been a few years since the robot duo have released much music, but now they have composed the whole soundtrack for Tron Legacy, a brand new album. Check out the only track that has been released soo far:

3) IMAX – MASSIVE SCREEN AND AMAZING SOUND These are the reasons why IMAX is soo much more than your conventional cinema, detailed and displayed smoothly, on a screen bigger than a house, ummm tasty!

4) 3D – When I say 3D I mean proper 3D, 3D that has a purpose and makes the film experience better, rather than Clash of the Titans, that purely used 3D to get more cash. Tron Legacy is going to do what Avatar should have done last year!

5) Sound and Music – As I’ve mentioned, Daft Punk have provided the soundtrack, however to heighten and bring a totally original and unique experience to the Tron film, the music will be set at the same frequencies as the sounds/sound fx in the film, meaning a seamless experience and a tantalising sense to tingle the ears. (THIS MAY NOT BE TRUE BUT I AM STILL RESEARCHING THIS, I SWARE I READ AN ARTICLE.)

6)Game – If the game is anything like the video game trailer I am going to be soo happy. It involves being able to run up walls and then jumping onto a materialising light cycle, see it for yourself, I mean look at his trailer, it looks ridiculously good ( it better be as I’ve just spent £30 on it):

7) The vehicles and weapons – I don’t think theres been a film since Star Wars that has had the amazing array of cool weapons and ground braking vehicles. The light disc, what a sexy weapon, ohh the light bike, what a sexy vehicle, you get the picture, everything in this film is soo stylish. The vehicles in fact were actually designed by an actual car designer, check out the video:

8 ) Jeff Bridges – What can I say, I love the guy. Hes just an awesome actor and the fact that hes passing the torch on from the original film, and also playing his corrupted computer programme Clu 2.0. He will again steal the show.

SPOILER WARNING – My theory is, he will die, he is pretty much there to set up Sam for a new Tron triliogy, RIP K Flynn ( well this may not be soo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney pulls off a death like this, remember Bambies mother?)

9) Quorra – Apart from having a name like some kind of vegetarian brand, just look at her. Does what it says on the tin!

10) Falling in love with the cinema – Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge film fan but I have had some of the worst experiences with the cinema the past few times I’ve been, such as the sound being really crap for a film that depended on the music and sound fx (Scott Pilgrim Vs the world) I want this experience to blow me away and maybe start my relationship with cinema in a whole new way….ohh god I really need a girlfriend.

Tron Legacy Premieres in theaters nationwide 17th December

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  1. cjfclarence says:

    you know what??…..This film is EPIC!!!

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