AR Geek out

I came across this the other day. It is a Star Wars Augmented Reality App for the Iphone entitled “Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner.”

Being a Star Wars fan this game excites me. I love the idea of this, by utilising your surroundings and implementing computer generated Tie Fighters to fly around your town or your bedroom. This app is rather simple compared to the other AR apps that I have looked into. Looking at this further I can see that AR games are still very limited to what you can do. I don’t think that these will ever conquer the classic game console control pads, however, these kind of games are perfect to kill some time.

The video demo is clever, as it is done from a roof top in New York City, this sells the idea well. But when it comes to it, realistically you’ll probably be playing this on public transport and end up looking like a mental person throwing your Iphone around in a confined space shouting “die you bugger, die!” This reminds me of the impractical nature of the new Xbox 360 virtual controller “Kinect” but I’ll save that rant for later.

Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner will be Coming out in mid-November for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4th Gen. Developed by Vertigore Games and published by THQ Wireless.


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2 Responses to AR Geek out

  1. mich2255 says:

    This app looks great, shame it is not out yet for the iPhone 4.

    I like the way it combines the AR and game playing, in a way that appeals to non hardcore gamers like myself.

    Will be interesting playing it on the tube, may feel like shooting at fellow passengers. (Playing games on tube has really increased).

  2. Xristos says:

    I abbsoluuutle Vove augmented dreamality!! So you up for thursday??

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