I have made contact!

Great Big tick.

Our latest bit of homework, was to start a conversation with a stranger on the internet relating the the topic in which we are studying.

I posted a question about Augmented Reality onto a discussion/forum based website “QBN.COM.” A couple of minutes later I had already got feedback from multiple people. The question was:

“Hell0 internet.
I am a student doing some research into Augmented Reality.
I just want to know whats the purpose in it?
I feel that the future of AR is to use for mapping and way finding.
It just seems that most of the time I’ve seen people use it quite gimmicky.
Does this emerging technology have a future, or will it just be a fad?
Look forward to hearing back from anybody!”

Here is my post: http://www.qbn.com/topics/644384/

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1 Response to I have made contact!

  1. Vicky says:

    Hey Antony
    Oh my, you got quite a response, huh?! Quite funny that the rude guy then came around and gave you some good stuff.

    The possibilities of AR look pretty mind-blowing. Like you say, navigation and mapping is a good one but maybe education is another one, as it’s really engaging. Or perhaps it might be useful for the partially sighted maybe…?!


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